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Tulsa at Oklahoma(18) 1230 ET
This is a game with a relatively weak team that has often surprised opponents in the old Big Eight. Watch for the new quarterback Rhett Bomar in his debut. Sports talk in Oklahoma has it that OU may well be in trouble this year and the loss at TCU is the portent.

Notre Dame(20) at Michigan (3) 1200 ET
Both teams come off of week one with strong victories. Michigan trounced Northern Illinois at Ann Arbor 33-17, seeming to allay fears about Michigan's defense. Notre Dame defeated a ranked team, Pitt 42-21 in a debut for much written about coach Charlie Weiss. This game, which Michigan hosts, could be razor close, as it seems Notre Dame is playing for real.

South Carolina at Georgia(9) 1530
South Carolina's home opener hosting Central Florida wasn't exactly new coach Steve Spurrier's finest moment. It is certain Gamecock fans were relieved, since USC did win by a narrow margin at home against a mid major college.

Georgia won't be as accommodating. Georgia beat ranked mid major team Boise State so badly, 48-13 the bar where we watched the gane wanted to switch to something else. Georgia gave a stunning performance against Boise State with a well balanced and strong offense led by quarterback DJ Shockley. This team may well have a strong case for winning the SEC and a crack as Southern Cal.

Texas(2) at Ohio State(4) 2000
This could well wind up being a national championship game. The game is important to Teas because the only truly tough road game Ohio State has will be the final one at Michigan.

Texas has much more on the line. This is a road against against a top five team, but if Texas beats Ohio State, it would propel them to at least sharing the number one slot with Southern Cal. And Texas has a very good chance this year, since this is the best Texas team in years.

LSU(5) at Arizona State(15) 2115
Arizona State last week gave an offensive a defensive performance that rocketed them to 15th against Big East team Temple.

But this LSU team is considered to be its best team so far, albeit with a new coach Les Miles,. The Tigers likely will have some frustrations to take out on the Sun Devils. A little something to get the folks at home in a better frame of mind.

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