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The Georgia Bulldogs, who so brilliantly dispatched Boise State in week one, barely got out of a home game against South Carolina Gamecocks, 17-15. As we reported in week one, USC's performance in their home opener was less than stellar against Central Florida, 24-15, yet they came into Athens last week and scared Bulldog fans.

What happened?

Statistically anyway, USC keyed in on Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley. In the Boise State game, we witnessed a well balanced offense with Shockley leading the way with 66.7 percent passing for 289 yards against 47.1 percent for 112 yards in the USC game..

In the Boise State game Shockley was the leading rusher for 85 yards and well distributed carries amongst his backs, and averaged 17 yards per carry, versus 30 yards on 10 carries.

Statistically at least, it appears the Shockley factor wasn't working for Georgia last week., and it came within a hair's breadth of costing Georgia the game.

For USC, statistics indicate that passing carried the day in their first game with quarterback Blake Mitchell throwing nearly 78 percent for 330 yards three touchdowns and and no interceptions. Against Georgia, Mitchell threw 64 percent for one touchdown and two interceptions. Shockley also had two interceptions, so it appears turnovers hurt both teams.,

Next week, Georgia hosts Louisiana Monroe. Next week USC hosts Alabama, a legitimate dark horse in the SEC this year with a very good defense. Alabama is undefeated after hosting two games against relatively minor teams. We have said earlier. Alabama may well upset a major, if not a ranked team, in the SEC, but USC will be that team.

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