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However, not content that the last "conservative" to defend Alex Knepper, David Frum, has finally fired him and instead of hitting rock bottom, Swindle decides to go digging.

In small organizations where one individual wields a certain amount of authority, and fails to exercise that authority properly, sometimes that organization can escape damage, if they are lucky.

But if the abuses are egregious enough and repeated, the problem goes straight to the top; there's really nowhere else for the resolution to take place.

And in this case the rebuke must be just as public as the activity the precipitated it.

David Horowitz runs his organization, and I have donated to it in the past enthusiastically because I believe we share a common bond: we both swore off drinking from that bottle of Old Karl Marx many, many years ago.

And I don't know if he is embarrassed by the breakdown in communication and in decision making at the top, and how it got exposed and the aftermath. If he's not, he should be, and if he is and he insists on running News Real Blog like a Marxist organization, he should consider the most efficient means of dealing with people who consistently go stoopid:

The purge.

Otherwise he should just clean out his organization at the top and start over.

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