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This was a well played and tightly contested basketball game that saw several ties and lead changes throughout.

But in the end, it was sheer luck and the charity stripe that carried Florida to the win.

Florida came to Miami with a 10-0 record on the line, and an opening home game for Miami, potentially not a good mix for Florida.

As we wrote earlier, Miami is a truly mediocre team, at the bottom on most team statistics in the ACC. Every game with a team of any stature in NCAA Div I College basketball, the 'Canes lost by double digits.

But looking at the game statistics, it is easy to see this game the Gators could have easily lost. Florida was beaten at several statistical categories, except at the free throw line when they shot 75 percent to Miami's 70 percent.

Miami out-shot Florida 42 to 38 percent, and matched the Gators at 38 percent. Even rebounds were not much of a factor as Florida maintained a = +3 margin on the boards.

Miami did try to keep the game close by shooting 45 percent from the 3 point line to Florida's 38 percent, however.

Florida's top scorers were guards Corey Brewer, Taurean Green, and Joakim Noah, and forward Lee Humphrey all shooting in the double digits. All of these players average more than 11 points or more per game and all average 42 percent or better in the field. The answer then, is Miami decided to play defense and it work out to a seesaw game.

We live for close games like this one.

Florida's conference opener is January 7th at Georgia, which is 7-3 with big wins against Oregon State and Georgia Tech earlier in the season. The Dawgs will play 11-0 Clemson December 28th which itself has wins against South Carolina, Penn State and Holy Cross.

Miami's conference opener will be January 7th as they host 16th ranked Maryland, and then a road game at 17th ranked North Carolina State. In the meantime, Miami will play at 11th ranked Louisville New Year's Eve.

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