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An additional historical note:

German Panzer Korps, as with other German units, were usually task organized.

An army commander would gather together forces available according to a specific task, compose them into a korps unit and then order a commander to his mission.

The point is, is that there is really no “book” strength for a German Panzer Korps. You can reliably be assured that at least two divisional element was part of the Korps, and some additional GHQ units for the commander.

A Tiger battalion was usually the commander's person guard unit, sent into battle only as a line stiffener, and to fulfill some other requirement. The Tiger unit just didn't line up on the front shoulder to shoulder with other units, They were held in reserve for contingencies.

But in WWII, for the Germans there was no static “book” strength for the German Panzer Korps.

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