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"Newtonville" is now listed at Barnes and Noble as well as Apple I Tunes.

Of the other five online ebook retailers, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Page Foundry all have indicated they have the book, but I have been unable to find "Newtonville" in any of them.

The Big Kahuna, Amazon, appears to be giving Smashwords the run around, but promises to have a mass upload facility ready soon, although they do not say when.

It may well wind up being that I will be compelled to register "Newtonville" as a separate product on Amazon, but not now. Getting this second novel ready is taking every waking moment I do not have writing Mexican Drug War news.

When the second novel is ready, tentatively scheduled for November 19th, and if "Newtonville" is not listed there through Smashwords, I will register both books at Amazon, manually

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