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Atlanta Regional

The Mismatch: Duke – Southern
Best Game: Syracuse – Texas A&M
Closest Game: Texas – Penn
Left Standing: Duke, LSU, SIU and Texas

The best game in the second round, assuming all the above will be true, will be LSU – Syracuse. We could not believe it when we saw that LSU dropped their semifinal game against Florida in the SEC tournament. LSU is one of the top programs in the country, and they have a ten-deep bench, as well as one of the biggest players in college basketball, “Big Baby” Davis, 310 lbs. Add a rocking, socking defense in the paint and a means to defend while in the 2-3 zone against three pointers.

Syracuse is a terrific team and is in one of the toughest conferences in NCAA mens basketball, the Big East, but don't see them winding up in the Sweet Sixteen this year. We believe Syracuse shot its bolt in the Big East Conference Tournament.

Oakland Regional

The Mismatch: Memphis – Oral Roberts
Best Game: Marquette – Alabama
Closest Game: Arkansas – Bucknell
Left Standing: Memphis, Kansas, Xavier, UCLA

This is the weakest bracket of the four brackets. UCLA, as Number Two seed played to the top of the heap in an unusually weak PAC10 conference, one which saw Arizona, usually a great basketball program fall to 19-12 on the season.

By the way, Gonzaga is in this bracket as the Number Three seed from a great performance in a weak conference. The NCAA placing this team as Number Three with a 27-3 record explains it for us. We don't expect Gonzaga, Adam Morrison or not, to make it passed the second round

Washington DC Regional

The Mismatch: UConn – Albany
Best Game: Kentucky – UAB
Closest Game: Illinois – Air Force
Left Standing: UConn, Washington, Michigan State, Seton Hall

UConn played well passed our expectations towards the end of the season by winning at home against what we still feel is one of the best teams in the nation, Villanova. Villanova fell in the Big East conference tournament mostly on Allan Ray playing hurt since the first UConn meet in February. At this point we have little idea as to how healthy Ray will be, but Villanova does need this guy healthy.

Minneapolis Regional

The Mismatch: Ohio State – Davidson
Best Game: Arizona – Wisconsin
Closest Game: Oklahoma – Wisc-Milwaukee
Left Standing: Villanova, Boston College, Florida, Ohio State

AP says that Ohio State is overrated, too much to have gotten their number two seed. Our thinking is that the Big 10 is far and away the toughest basketball conference bar none, and a team such as Ohio State to have slashed their way through the Big Ten to a 25-5 record is an astonishing feat.

We watched Ohio State play a couple of times and we were impressed with their transition game and their ability to defend the basket.

Did we say the toughest? What about the Big East? Okay, we have to hand the Big East some credit due for being a tough league this year, but we believe over time the Big Ten will remain the toughest mens basketball conference, and Ohio State is at the top of the heap this year.

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