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Our picks for the final four teams are:


You are unlikely to find a more solid basketball team than LSU. This was a team we were certain would win the SEC tournament going away, but one which succumbed to Florida in the semifinals.

LSU has a loaded front court led by Glen Davis, but it is the defense which has been the main strength of the Tigers.

LSU put up the best numbers consistently in defense, such as blocked shots and rebound margin throughout the season.

Two of the toughest games LSU will play will be the next two, first against Duke, then against Texas. We believe that LSU will handle these two games well with their defense.


This was a tough choice, but the decision came down to Memphis because Memphis has beaten both Gonzaga and UCLA in the regular season. Memphis has had the toughest schedule out of any team in this bracket and has lost only to Duke, Texas and UAB.

We don't believe that Gonzaga will get passed UCLA, because Gonzaga's regular season performance, while inspiring to some, has been in a weak conference.

Wichita State

We think that UConn is just not up to the task this year, but we are convinced that the Shockers are. UConn could well lose against Washington, so it is possible that Wichita State will play Washington, but what we have seen of this team, we are convinced the Shockers will win.


This was an easy choice. We have personal ties to Florida, and we tremendously respect the Gator's front court, but Villanova is just too much for any team in this bracket.

Why is this analysis so devoid of statistics?

Let's face it: None of these teams got to the Sweet Sixteen by wining five in a row and then dropping 1. Most of them are here because they all know how to win, they all know how to take their athletic momentum into the next game, and what it take to impress that onto opponents.

Statistics and schedule may count for something for sure – after the game – but none of these teams can be categorized as to who will win or lose.

At this level, it is basically a crap shoot.

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