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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from March 19th to March 25th, Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) Friday night, local separatist commanders in western Rosche demanded that local authorities turn over 12 civilians to be tried for "crimes against the people." The authorities turned to Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade commander for assistance.

The separatist commanders warned that should Chernarus military units be detected in Teyendorf, they would attack and capture the civilians themselves. The civilians, some of them politicians, lawyers and social media mavens were to be loaded aboard two CDF trucks.

The tactical plan was for the assembled task force to form a semi circular shield pointing to the northwest, to intercept any enemy attempts to close on the area. Loading of the civilians and their luggage could take time, so it was essential that CDF forces delay the attacks for as long as possible.

Command squad, 2nd squad and Tank 1 threw back two infantry attacks coming from the northeast, while 3rd squad Tank 2 and a relieving force tank dealt with enemy armor filtering in from the north.

Teyendorf, because it is north of a river is an extremely hard terrain to traverse and to defend, but the task force held its own against enemy attacks.

After receiving withdraw orders, the task force began to recross the river south. The scout cars left first. Then in its retreat, 2nd squad ran into a foot patrol. The resulting firefight cost them three dead. The tanks and then 3rd squad were the last to leave town.

Losses were light. 2nd squad lost three. Due to a traffic accident, a repair truck was unable to move to Teyendorf to assist Tank 2 in repairs. The crew were ordered to abandon their tank and evacuate with 3nd squad.

Separatist losses included five BRDM scout cars.

2) Saturday morning, operations staff for Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade issued a warning order to its 1st Bn that a separatist mobile force was heading to south Werferlingen city in Weferlingen.

The separatists' intention was to seize Werferlingen from the march. The assembled task force sent to deal with the separatists began the operation in an environment of intermittent heavy rains.

South Werferlingen city has four bridges that provide access to it, three motor bridges, one rail. The tactical plan was for one BRDM scout car and 2nd squad to cover the southern rail and motor bridges, while 3rd squad and command squad covered the remaining two bridges.

Before the main force even arrived 2nd squad encountered a separatist covering force, consisting of two technicals (including one Humvee) moving down the main north-south highway. Once the enemy advance guard was eliminated, the task force proceeded with its deployment.

Most of the enemy movement centered around the north bridge where one technical and one BTR-80A had occupied overwatch positions. Commander sent 3rd squad to an area west of the bridge to cover approaching forces, while command squad covered the bridge itself.

One tank was moved to the bridge to destroy the BTR, but by the time it arrived, 3rd squad infantry had hit both vehicles, disabling them.

At around this time, five enemy armor vehicles arrived, two T-55s, two BMPs and one BRDM scout car. Tank 2 was sent east to locate one BMP which was attempting to cross the river. One of the T-55s in the meantime fired on and destroyed 3rd squad's BTR and took three effectives with it.

At about the same time, both task force tanks were disabled. Tank 1 suffered a mobility hit, while Tank 2's crew bailed out. Command squad moved east to help cover the crew of Tank 1 abandon ship and join command squad for evacuation. Tank 2s crew were killed.

Commander then ordered 3rd squad to retreat south. At about the same time the second T-55 was firing on 2nd squad, and along with another technical and some infantry, trapped 2nd squad from retreating east.

2nd squad moved back west across the bridge, then south, then across the southernmost motor bridge to rally up with the rest of the task force.

Casualties were heavy. Both tanks were destroyed/disabled, and 3rd squad was completely wiped out. Command squad lost one. Additionally, an SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down with the loss of the crew.

Enemy vehicle losses were almost as severe. One T-55 tank, one BMP-1, one BRDM scout car, and four technicals were the field counts.

3) A quickly assembled task force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to retake the hamlet of Cinar in Gunkizli Sunday evening.

The hamlet was taken over by separatist forces led by criminal operatives Jovan Duka and Maja Dimitrovskaya, who has just set up a mortar battery.

Additionally, separatist forces were fanning out in the area rounding up potential political opponents and preparing to evacuate them to the rear.

Bn recon staff knew that once the mortars in the area were ready, 3rd Bn would be forced to abandon their forward zone.

The road march to Cinar was five minutes, so a tactical plan was unneeded. The tanks assigned to the task force maneuvered to the western and eastern flanks, while the infantry pushed forward the middle.

Air support was provided by a single MI-24 attack helicopter.

Command squad began its room clearing operations on the east side of Cinar, while the other two squads began theirs in the middle and the west. The operation went very smoothly.

By the time the commander got to the operatives' hideout, Duka was already shot dead. Commander located and eliminated Dimitrovskaya, and seized documents found on her dead body.

In the western side of the village, Tank 2 and 3rd squad eliminated the mortar battery, and continued their room clearing operations to their conclusions.

Casualties were moderate, Command squad lost one, while 2nd lost none and 3rd squad lost two. Air support was shot down just west of Cinar.

4) In Beketov early Thursday morning, elements of 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rfle Brigade were ordered to attack the town of Dorogino, and to eliminate a pair of criminal commanders.

Battalion operations staff reported that a light mobile separatist force had taken over the town the evening before and were planning to establish a forward base there.

Leading the separatist forces were Vladimir Rozhin and Bebe Kurti, both high on the brigade commander's list of operatives to be eliminated.

The tactical plan was for the three rifle squads to advance on the village from the east in a broad front, with scout cars on the flanks to screen the advance. Two BRDM AT vehicles were posted further north to watch for mobile reinforcements.

As air support in the form of one MI-24 attack helicopter and two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters attacked the forces in town, the ground element advanced into the village.

Command squad encountered Serb speaking contractors at the southern end of the village as 2nd and 3rd squad squeezed separatist forces in a pincer movement. After eliminating the Serb rifle unit, command squad advanced north.

The commander found the two operatives and eliminated them both, then took critical documents from the dead body of Kurti. Commander also located the three supply trucks parked west of the village and eliminated them as well.

As the force retreated, the commander called smoke artillery mission to cover the retreat of 2nd and 3rd squad.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost two, 2nd squad lost four and 3rd squad lost three. The MI-24 helicopter was shot down with the loss of the air crew by a separatist BMP-2 which just entered the village from the west.

5) A Chernarus Special Forces team attached directly to 2nd Army Corps was ordered to eliminate a pair of criminal operatives in Zaitsevo, Beketov, early Thursday morning.

The criminal operatives, Ismail Gjokaj and Helena Tereshkova, were recently tasked with setting up a munitions transshipment point in the village, according to corps recon staff.

The team transported by MI-24 helicopter to a point about 500 meters south of Zaitsevo, where they dismounted and headed for the village. A second MI-24 gunship was sent to provide air support for the operation.

The team penetrated the defense zone setup by the operatives, and eliminated several contractors in the village, there to provide local security.

The commander located the two operatives and eliminated them both. Tereshkova had important documents on her person which the team commander seized.

A second task assigned to the team was to locate and seize a documents dead drop somewhere west of the village. The team then evacuated from the village safely.

Casualties, however were moderate with the team medic going missing.

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