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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from April 23rd to April 29th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in four regions.

1) A small recon probe launched on the orders of recon staff, 43rd Mountain Rifle Corps was sent to Schlieckau in Rosche Friday morning. The site commander radioed his commander that a rebel force was closing in and requested retreat orders.

A quickly assembled task force from 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to assist the recon probe, and to evacuate them before the enemy arrived.

By the time the scout cars arrived, the first of the three separatist rifle attacks hit. The gunner on one of the technicals was killed along with five of one of the recon squads. The two rifle squads along with one of the technicals were evacuated successfully.

Two more rifle attacks took place by the time the remainder of the task force arrived, one from the north and one from the northeast. Enemy armor appeared as well, but the task force was able to stop them.

Casualties were moderate. 2nd squad's BTR was damaged by infantry At attacks. When an enemy tank appeared, Tank 2 suffered a mobility hit. This took place as the task force already had retreated from town.

The commander ordered Tank 1, along with 3rd squad back into town to recover the tank and the BTR. During that time, no enemy contact was made and the two disabled vehicles left the area. 2nd squad recovered their BTR.

Field reports place separatist losses at one BMP-2, one tank and one BRDM scout car.

2) A task force from 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade responded to a warning order issued by battalion recon staff of an impending attack on Schwanefeld in eastern Werferlingen Late Friday night.

The task force arrived in the northern edge of town only 20 minutes before the first of the attacks came, a rifle attack from the north.

Then a two vehicle light technical section arrived along the main east west road and was destroyed by heavy machine gun and tank gunfire.

More infantry began pushing the western security zone, but those attacks were stopped by a combination of rifle counterfire and artillery fire.

Two more vehicle attacks came, both of them BRDM scout cars, and both destroyed with tank gunfire. Enemy infantry continued to push in from the west, despite defensive rifle fire from command squad.

One T-34 appeared from the west just before the order to retreat came down, and was destroyed by tank gunfire. When the task force began its preparations to return to base, a T-55 appeared, threatening the retreating infantry.

As the T-55 was destroyed, enemy infantry began their retreat north. As the task force began its retreat, commander discovered that a CADF Su-25 ground interdiction aircraft was shot down, with the pilot surviving.

The commander ordered the task force to clear town save for two tanks which would serve as a screen for a pilot recovery sub-mission. The mission was to cross unsecured territory to a location five kilometers northeast of Schwanefeld.

The commander later discovered that the pilot attempted to land his aircraft. The pilot was boarded onto the command BTR for transport back to base.

Casualties were light. Command squad lost one. Two tanks had been damaged but were returned to service for the return to base.

3) Monday morning, 1st Bn Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Berkovitsa in Leskovets after a warning order was issued by brigade operations staff that separatist forces would attempt to storm the village.

Berkovitsa is five kilometers west of 1st Bn's forward zone. The separatists' move represented a genuine threat to the 1st Bn's position in Leskovets, so a task force was assembled to handle the operation.

The first attacks came from infantry from both the northeast and the northwest. Those contacts entered the fields of fire of the task force's two tanks. Both infantry attacks were stopped.

Next, separatist technicals, at least five of them attempted to enter the defensive zone set up by the task force. The tanks destroyed them as well.

Two more separate infantry attacks, as well as several wheeled armor attacks took place. One of the infantry attacks was a local separatist foot patrol, which hit from the west at the position of 3rd squad, destroying their BTR.

A second infantry attack took place from the south with separatist armor, and in conjunction with the counterfire delivered by the task force, was stopped as well.

During this time, air cover warned the commander that several heavy armor vehicles were approaching Berkovitsa from the north. The order to retreat back to base came down.

3rd squad was ordered to retreat to rally 1 by foot despite being under fire from separatists. One of the two BRDMs suffered a crew hit and was ordered to bail out and to evacuate with the second BRDM.

Command squad, after 2nd squad left the area, went to a location to the east to observe the retreat, watching two of the three task force tanks retreat to rally 1. An enemy T-55 appeared and fired on command squad, which had bailed out of their BTR.

Tank 1 was recalled from rally 1 to destroy with T-55 and to provide cover for quick repairs to the disabled command squad BTR. Command squad then left the area to return to base.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost four, 2nd squad lost one and 3rd squad lost three including their BTR. One of the SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft was shot down with the loss of the pilot.

The separatists suffered heavy losses. By field count, five technicals, two BRDMs, one BMP-2 and one T-55 tank were lost. 4) An amphibious element of 1st Bn. Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to clear the town of Kirkonkilla in Virolahti Tuesday morning.

The town had been taken over by a contingent of troops led by Viktr Kaba and Nadezhda Pavlova, both operatives known for the personal abilities to garrison locales and expand their power.

At the initial landing 3rd squad came under fire from a local shore patrol element. The commander ordered 2nd squad to continue north, as command squad turned 90 deg west to hit the patrol.

The encounter cost 3rd squad one dead, but the enemy patrol was wiped out.

The tactical plan was for the group to attack along a broad front north penetrating to the command post of the criminal operatives. 3rd squad advanced on the left as 2nd squad advance on the right.

3rd squad ran into a Russian speaking special forces group, which severely damaged the squad so much so, he commander ordered it to retreat south.

2nd squad ran into a Serb speaking rifle squad and an SPG-9 technical, both of which whittled that squad to just four. Command squad continued north.

After eliminating Kaba and his assistant, command squad came under fire from Russian special forces, which kept hitting the squad from the west. It wasn't until command squad reached the location of supply trucks that the special forces were wiped out.

The command then attempted to destroy supply trucks parked north, but came under intense pressure from reinforcing infantry coming from the northwest and the northeast. Additionally, three more techncials closed in on command squad's position.

Instead of completing the task for eliminating supply trucks, the commander popped smoke and withdrew south. As command squad retreated they came under heavy machine gun fire which cut their numbers by half.

The commander called mission outcome doubtful and continued his retreat back to the boats. 5) Early Thursday morning a Chernarus private contractor team was ordered to Klamila in Virolhti to eliminate a pair of criminal operatives and to released three prisoners being held by enemy forces.

Zakhar Prilipin and Ana Seminova had taken over the town a week before and were in the process of eliminating political opposition their their presence.

The separatist forces imprisoned a local online news letter editor, her brother and his girlfriend after she posted an incendiary comment on the separatists presence in Klamila.

The team landed by boat two kilometers south of town and proceeded inland to Klamila. No road or foot patrols were detected during the approach march.

In town, a pair of USMC F-35B ground interdiction fighters attacked technicals posted in town, as the team took advantage of the confusion to locate and eliminate the criminal command group.

The commander fired so many shots in firefights that as soon as he approached the criminal command group's post, he was forced to use his 1911 pistol to eliminate the operatives. The commander also seized sensitive documents Seminova was known to be carrying.

The team located the prisoners and released them, then proceeded south to a rendezvous with a Chernarus Naval Forces assault transport boat assigned to transport the prisoners to ship.

The team then reboarded their zodiac boat and returned to ship for debriefing. Casualties were light. One USMC F-35B aircraft was shot down with the loss of the pilot.

6) An amphibious detachment from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered Thursday afternoon to attack Stari Koritnik in Deniland to eject separatists forces led by two criminal command operatives.

Additionally, the detachment was tasked with rescuing three prisoners held in town. Criminal operatives and leader of the forces in town, Jovan Emmanuel jailed the three prisoners and was planning to evacuate them for use as slaves in separatist territory.

Providing cover was a detachment from a Chernarus naval torpedo patrol squadron, consisting of two motor torpedo boats. Their task was to cover the river upstream from the landing zone.

The tactical plan was to land southeast of town and move inland with 2nd and 3rd squad attacking the southern edge of town. Command squad would maneuver north and then west to attack the town in the middle.

2nd and 3rd squads ran into heavy fire from infantry and from a heavy machine gun Humvee guarding the southern end of town. 3rd squad was completely wiped out, and 2nd squad was cut town to just two, before being ordered to return to the boats.

Command squad reached the middle part of town. The commander found that the firefight had eliminated the two operatives. He seized documents in possession of operative Valentina Blavatsky before turning north to rescue the prisoners.

Command squad ran into a second heavy machine gun technical which cut the squad down to eight. The commander also was killed by the technical. When the squad released the prisoners, enemy reinforcements already were approaching town from the northwest, and from the east.

A firefight ensued between command squad and the enemy bearing down hard. The command led a fighting retreat east against a Russian special forces unit. As the squad was moving back to the boats with the released prisoners, an enemy squad attacked the transport boats.

By the time command squad reached the transport boats, it was down to four effectives including the second in command. One of the boats still on the beach was damaged and unable to move, so the commander evacuated on a different boat.

As they were leaving, one of the torpedo boats became stranded on the left bank of the river,. The commander order it abandoned, and the crew to board command squad's boat.

Casualties were catastrophic. 2nd and 3rd squad were wiped out along with the crew of the three transport boats. One motor torpedo boat was abandoned.

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