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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from August 20th to August 26th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in eight operations in five regions.

1) Friday afternoon a rifle detachment from 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Vybor and clear it of all enemy forces.

Early that morning separatists entered the town and deployed their forces. Led by two known operatives, Gjergj Kastrioti and Olesya Magendru, the enemy's intent was unclear beyond holding the town.

Local friendly operatives had gotten their hands on secret documents used by the operatives and left them at a dead drop just north of Vybor. The task force's task was to clear the town, eliminate the operatives and recover the documents.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squad to advance along the main road leaving into Vybor, using local cover and supported by the two BRDM scout cars. Command squad would advance across the open fields from the southwest.

Enemy artillery began falling on command squad, and as they advanced, the artillery became deadlier. Less than three minutes after the artillery began, command squad was wiped out, but for the commander.

The commander ordered a retreat, but only moments later brigade command cancelled the operation on favor of a new one west of Vybor. During this time enemy counterfire did damage to 2nd squad, and to one BRDM which was destroyed by an RPG shot.

The new operation was intended to clear a concentration of enemy forces in a field two kilometers west of Vybor. Reinforcements were added: one rifle squad, two militia elements, one T-72 tank and one BMP-1 IFV.

The commander ordered a rendezvous just east of Myshkino. 2nd and 3rd squad arrived at the rendezvous safely, as did the reinforcements. But they were attacked by an enemy foot patrol.

The enemy foot patrol delivered a mobility kill to the tank, and eliminated two elements from the reinforcement rifle squad. The commander ordered the rifles along with the BMP-1 to advance along the road leading north from Myshkino.

Command squad took over the reinforcing rifle squad and then moved due west to the road as well. The BMP was hit and destroyed by an RPG shot. Command squad continued to advance to the road.

Just a few meters south of where the BMP was, command squad was attacked by Spanish speaking militia which destroyed all but three elements of the squad. The commander was killed.

Losses were very heavy. Command squad in the first attack lost nine, and then lost seven more. 2nd squad lost two in the first attack and two more engaging the enemy foot patrol. 3rd squad lost two.

2) A battlegroup assembled from 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Rosche in the Rosche region late Friday night.

The separatists entered Rosche early Friday morning, and immediately took the town's mayor, her husband and her girlfriend prisoner.

On the list of tasks was an instruction to eliminate the two leading operatives, Matija, Depreradovich and Xhuili Martini. The two were known to be carrying intelligence documents.

On the road march to Rosche, Scout 1 BRDM was destroyed when they were ambushed by a separatist foot patrol.

The tactical plan was for 2nd squad and 3rd squad to attack into the town, led by Tank 1 and Tank 2. Their instruction was to prevent reinforcements from entering town from the northeasterly direction.

Command squad with Scout 2, would attack from the southwest, penetrating into the separatists' security zone.

Command squad encountered Spanish speaking militia on their march to the housing unit of the operatives. Once there, the commander launched an assault. Command squad elements eliminated the two operatives.

The commander seized documents from both operatives. One was a list of towns to be taken over, which appears to be a critical strategic document, and a list of assassins and their cell phone numbers.

Retreat was chaotic. Two BTR-80As entered command squad's area of operation. The first was destroyed by RPG rockets, while the second suffered a crew hit.

Elsewhere in Rosche, 2nd and 3rd squad suffered casualties in clearing the eastern edge of town, including two casualties too badly hurt to move. Command squad had one.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost two, while 2nd and 3rd squads lost one and two, respectively. Command squad released the prisoners, and transported them to safety.

3) An assembled task from the 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order from brigade operations staff.

A separatist mixed combat group would be crossing the river immediately north of Eschenrode in Werferlngen early Monday morning, and would attempt to establish a blocking position in town.

The task force marched quickly to town to set up a defensive zone in town pointing north. Reinforcements were also rushed to the scene as well.

Enemy rifle attacks commenced from the west in the form of light infantry, and then in front of command squad. There, a Russian MVD special forces squad attempted to enter town, only to be destroyed by rifle and artillery fire.

Enemy armor attacks came from the west as well, including wheeled as well as tracked vehicles. Most of the destruction was from Tank 1 deployed west.

After about 90 minutes, the order to withdraw was received. Most of the task force withdrew east in good order, except for the reinforcing rifle squad. They lost their BTR to a tank gunfire from a T-34, including its crew. They withdrew by foot.

Casualties were light. None of the main task force lost anyone other than the reinforcing squad BTR crew.

Field reports put the enemy's vehicle losses at four T-34/85s, 2 BTR-80A, and one BRDM.

4) Battalion recon staff received messages that the location The Farm in Beketov would be where separatist force would push to take over Monday evening.

Separatists prefer to patrol the town of Armanikha just north of the river Treshka, since it is so close to the forward line. Command squad and two BRDM scout cars pushed into town to clear enemy forces.

In the ensuing firefights, the commander and one other soldier in command squad were killed engaging an enemy patrol. The push through town continued, until the task force arrived at The Farm.

Enemy riflemen attacked at the abandoned house and on the east side of the deployment. The enemy at that moment consisted of Spanish speaking militia and Russian MVD special forces. Numerous firefights broke out.

Enemy infantry maneuvered to the rear of command squad as well, just as a second wave of enemy forces arrived. Casualties mounted especially with command squad. Then a retreat order came down. Then enemy heavy armor arrived.

One T-34/85 ran into the two BRDM AT vehicles and was destroyed. A BMP arrived and pushed its way into the area. Command attempted to kill the vehicle using an RPG, but the rocket did no damage.

A BRDM AT vehicle came to the rescue, destroying the BMP, after four missed shots. Three more armored vehicles arrived. As they arrived, the remnant of the task force tried to escape. One BRDM scout car and 2nd squad made it out.

As commander was heading back to base, the truck the squad was carrying was almost hit by an enemy RPG shot.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost eight, while 2nd squad lost four. 3rd squad was wiped out. Field count of enemy vehicle losses included one T-34/85, and two BMPs.

5) On Tuesday morning, a task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Staroye in Chernarus to attack and clear the village of separatist forces.

Among the tasks assigned the task force was the elimination of two operatives who were commanding the forces, Jovan Emmanuel and Tika Xhukici. Intelligence gathered by brigade recon staff was they were to establish a logistics base.

Staroye is less than three kilometers north of the battalion forward zone, so the presence of enemy troops was a real threat.

As the task force arrived at their start points, enemy artillery landed nearby. 1st Army Corps target acquisition battery attempted to locate enemy artillery. Two elements of command squad were killed by artillery.

The tactical plan was the same as the week before. The task force was to advance from the southwest to the northeast, with command squad pressing up the main highway, as the other two squads pushed to the northwest and northeast.

Fire from two Humvee technicals was very heavy. They downed the SU-25 ground interdiction fighter, and were responsible for nearly half the infantry casualties. The attack continued, but the Humvees maintained their fire, as they retreated.

Command squad arrived at the operatives' housing unit. The commander eliminated Xhukici, and took documents from her person. Fire was so heavy, the commander opted not to find and strip Emmanuael of documents he was known to be carrying.

After the supply trucks were destroyed, commander ordered a retreat south. The mission was successful.

Casualties were very heavy. Command squad lost seven, 2nd squad lost eight and 3rd squad lost seven. The SU-25 fighter was shot down with the loss of the pilot.

6) A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team was ordered by Chernarus Coastal Operation Group strategic formation headquarters, to the village of Ratnoe to eliminate a pair of operatives.

According to data supplied through electronic means, both operatives had assembled a group of four Russian speaking private contractors to carry out directed assassinations of locals, as a means of tightening their grip on the village.

The team was inserted about one kilometer southwest of Ratnoe, from where they proceeded into town. A Chernarus Defense Forces MI-24 helicopter arrived to provide air support.

The team fired on and destroyed the contractor team before proceeding to their main target. A firefight ensued. The team sapper was killed trying to penetrate the defensive zone.

The command himself eliminated Senicar, while one of the team members killed Tinaj. Following completion of the task, the team exfiltrated south to a landing area, where they were picked up by their transport bird.

The remnants of the team were returned to base safely. The documents seized were a list of the individuals marked for death.

7) A tier one team under the command of the Chernarus Intelligence Agency (ChRU) in Deniland, was tasked with extracting a pair of female informants, holed up in Dekivci.

The story was the pair were moving to anther residence, and to celebrate, they went to a bar, where they met a pair of Russian speaking men. The men invited them to a building unit, where the agents realized they were in an area occupied by PMCs.

One of the women called a local contact, who called an American contact, who called the ChRU commander, requesting extract to safety.

The team parked their vehicle in a spot north of where the agents were being held, then proceeded south, using the buildings as cover. The team first encountered French speaking militia, and then Russian speaking PMCs.

As the team penetrated deeper into the area, the commander was killed by a sniper. Continuing on, exchanging fire with the PMCs, the team located the agents. One of them had been badly beaten, while the other was stripped down to her underwear.

The team gave first aid enough for the agents to move, then they were escorted to the transport vehicle and rushed from the area. They rendezvoused with an American agent in Markograd, where the agents boarded the SUV and were whisked away.

8) A detachment of naval infantry from Cherarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade were ordered to attack and clear the city of Titograd in Deniland Wednesday night.

The takeover, which took place the morning before, was led by two operatives, Valdimir Vyurov and Emina Meci. Chernarus naval operations staff long have had the two on their kill list.

The tactical plan, after landing near the docks near Belin, was to attack from the south in a solid front, with 2nd and 3rd squads on the flanks, and command squad attacking along the main highway. Two Hellenic Air Force A-7s would provide air support.

3rd squad on the left flank made first contact, then command squad. Opposing them was Russian MVD special forces and Spanish speaking militia. Friendly forces made good time slashing through the enemy deployment.

The commander found Emina Meci, and eliminated her, stripping her of documents she was known to be carrying. After a brief search, Vyurov also was found and stripped of documents.

As command squad pushed to a location where a dead drop was set by local friendly agents, they came under counterattack by enemy reinforcing infantry. By that time, commander was down to one magazine and one 40mm grenade.

Command squad with 3rd squad drove the enemy infantry off (2nd squad previously was ordered to retreat back to the boats). After grabbing the documents, the remaining two naval infantry squads retreated back to the boats.

Casualties were moderate: Command squad lost two, as did 2nd squad. 3rd squad lost three.

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