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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from October 14th, 2022, to October 20th, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an increased tempo.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) Some residents of the town of Wellendorf in Rosche were receiving death threats via various electronic means from local separatist sympathizers, and even becoming involved in physical confrontations.

Separatist commanders were demanding tribute in the form of money, food, or recruitment, and if the harassment victims didn't go along, the separatists would invade Wellendorf and take it over.

After the last brawl, the president of the municipality asked commander of Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade to assist the community in evacuating the harassment victims. Separatist commanders warned that should the evacuation take place, they would attack.

The resulting task force formed from 4th battalion quickly deployed in town as the civilians gathered to be evacuated aboard Chernarus Defense Forces transports. At first, attacks came from the north with the scout cars and tanks effectively defending.

From the west came attacks by enemy armor and by special forces. Command squad was forced back to the south to stop a Russian ministry of internal matters special forces team from attacking the civilians.

The armor attacks consisted of at least four BTR-80As and one BMP-2, the attacks of which damaged command squad's BTR and killed the crew. The attacks also damaged Tank 1 with a mobility hit.

Commander ordered Scout 1 to retreat for cover, as the squad advanced to cover Tank 1 for repairs. A command squad RPG gunner destroyed an enemy BRDM scout car as it was closing in on the civilians.

Once repairs on Tank 1 were completed, it and the rest of the tanks of the task force retreated east. Command squad withdrew south where a truck was waiting to evacuate them.

Losses were moderate with the destruction of command squad's BTR and the loss of the crew. On his way to evacuat the commander saw that two civilians were killed, an unidentified male and a female.

Two more civilian males left behind evacuated with command squad back to base.

A film is available.

2) A task force formed from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order from brigade operations staff that an armor heavy separatist forces would make an attack on South Schoenthal in Cham.

After the initial deployment, infantry attacks from Wagner operators in the northwest, and enemy covering forces from the northeast began. In both of those attacks the task force's scout cars were destroyed by enemy RPG fire.

Enemy forces began massed attacks after, with both infantry and heavy armor penetrating in the central zone held by command squad. Attacks from technicals destroyed 3rd squad in the east.

Unable to hold its position, command squad withdrew deeper into town, even as enemy infantry attacks pressed harder. AT attacks hit Tank 1 in the center disabling the vehicle. Tank 2 also became stuck but later became unstuck and retreated south.

Loses were very heavy. The only friendly vehicle to survive the onslaught was Tank 2. Tank 1 was heavily damaged and unable to move. All of the three BTRs and the BRDMs were destroyed.

A film is available.

3) Elements of 3rd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade marched north to Bischofsreut in Gabreta to intercept a separatist force marching south.

The march took nearly 90 minutes, during which the task force encountered and defeated an enemy patrol 500 meters southeast of Rockhausen.

When the task force entered Bischofsreut, it was discovered the enemy had at least three armor vehicles already there. RPG, Su-25, and artillery attacks destroyed two BRDMs and immobilized a BMP.

The task force suffered casualties from artillery and direct fire attacks, and were pulled back to set a fortified position. When orders to retreat came down, the task force retreated to Auerbergsruet in good order.

On the march back to base, command squad destroyed three enemy vehicles using artillery and RPG fire, including one BMP-2.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost five, while 3rd squad lost three and the weapons squad lost one.

A film is available

4) In Western Chernarus, elements of 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade were ordered to Sosnovka with the task of clearing the town of separatist forces, and eliminating a pair of criminal operatives.

The initial attack was a success, except that enemy forces were not at Sosnovka, but the operatives were. Brigade recon staff concluded they were put there primarily to be eliminated. Clearing operations then focused on Myshkino to the north.

Command squad made contact with at east two enemy squads including Wagner operators and Russian speaking militia. As command squad pressed north, they eliminated the supply trucks and the forces tasked to protect them.

In their march north, 3rd squad was nearly wiped out, its remnants folded into command squad. However, command squad was forced to relinquish tactical command to 2nd squad after the retreat route was blocked by enemy vehicles.

Losses were heavy. Command squad lost four, while 3rd squad lost seven. Commander recovered intel items from the dead bodies of the operatives, including a cell phone. Those items were lost in the retreat.

A film is available.

5) An unidentified female Chernarus Intelligence Agency (ChRU) operative, a minder for a local agent based in Krasnostav in Chernarus, was sent to Krasnostav to collect some physical intelligence and to provide funds for the agent's activities.

Just outside of Krasnostav at a separatist checkpoint, something went wrong with the operative's cover. She wound up killing all four checkpoint guards, and destroying two of their vehicles before fleeing to the rendezvous with the local agent.

A five man team from Chernarus Naval Forces special forces, under the support from Chernarus Coastal Operations Group were sent to Krasnostav to recover both agents. Two Chernarus Naval Forces gunships provided air support.

Just before the team reached the building where the two agents were hiding, the team encountered several Spanish speaking militia, and ended up in a firefight, which the team won.

The agents were contacted and then escorted out of town as one of the gunships provided air cover. Just before exiting Krasnostav, the team leader noticed several enemy reinforcements heading into town.

The two agents were successfully evacuated aboard a CNF assault transport boat. The team itself returned to ship safely. There were no losses.

A film is available.

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