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A question was left open as to whether the 118th Independant Air Recon Regiment was a unit of the Soviet Northern Fleet Naval Aviation component or was a unit of the White Sea Flotilla, a compent of Northern Fleet, but semi autonomous.

According to the link in the title, the 118th SRAR was in fact a component of the Soviet Northern Fleet. This air regiment on June 22nd 1941 was supplied with I-16 fighters, and later was equipped with British Hawker Hurricanes later the same year.

The 118th SRAR was the sister unit to the more famous 72nd Composite Air Regiment, which was later renamed the 2nd Guards Composite Air Regiment, unit of Soviet Naval Aviation ace Boris Safonov.

Safonov was lost at sea in 1942. Safonov has been credited with at least 20 air victories.

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