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The Chinese have two new guided missile destroyers (DDG) on sea trials with copied Aegis battle management system, called the Luyang II class.

While it could be the Chinese Navy could claim this is a defensive system ( fleet defense ), which it most surely is, there should be no doubt that this weapons system is clearly part of a larger Chinese Navy buildup towards a “blue water” navy.

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said the in past, what are the Chinese trying to project power against, if not the US. He appears to be correct.

Most Chinese military systems are untested in battle conditions, including its cruise missiles. The Chinese Navy appears to be growing into a conglomeration of equipment without the military theory or doctrine as to its use. It is likely such a Navy would be a throwaway in furtherance of other strategic gains. However, the use of these systems in a fleet sortie could act as a fleet defense system for other more valuable ship such as the Kuznetzov class carrier the Chinese are currently refurbishing.

Possible scenarios could include the pre-blockade scenario of Taiwan discussed in these pages as well as a full blockade of the island.

Against the US in an offensive action, task forces with this system could effectively wreck commercial shipping in the Pacific as well as the Indian Oceans including the Persian Gulf.

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