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So, the BCS Championship has come down to two meaningless games and one conference championship.

If you read the BCS poll, you don't get the idea that computers alone were responsible for the standings.

For example, you have to wonder why LSU is even ranked in the top ten even after beating Arkansas a week ago and while standing at 9-2. Yes, they lost to Auburn and yes, they lost to Florida, both road games and both very close.

But, Auburn won all their road games, and beat Florida and Arkansas losing only to the Dawgs of Georgia, same record of 9-2, 6-2 conference as LSU. If any team deserves a shot it should be Auburn.

But we are not posting this to discuss the bottom tier.

At the moment, USC appears to be the team Ohio State will meet in January, and why not. At 10-1 with its only loss being a road loss against Oregon, and a rapidly improving offensive squad, the Trojans deserve a shot at the Buckeyes.

Seeing Michigan as number three is painful especially when you consider that Michigan's only loss was against Ohio State, and it appears the BCS folks want Michigan to play against anyone but Ohio State.

We would argue that LSU, even at 9-2 is more deserving to take on Ohio State than USC. Sure the USC Ohio State game will be a real barn burner, but at least the BCS, with LSU playing for the title, will correct a serious wrong when they sent Oklahoma against USC in 2004.

But under the current scenario barring an unusual turn of events ( any one of USC, Louisville or Florida losing ) that Michigan will play Florida for third place.

We love Florida. Our daughter lives in Florida, we have friend from the Internet in Florida, but we believe if Michigan plays Florida, that Michigan defense will eat them alive. It is not what we would call a competitive matchup and we believe for the reason we state before that Ohio State will likely chew up USC and spit them out.

So we have to have a conclusion. How's this: Give Michigan the rematch they deserve in a neutral setting and you will see some knock down drag out football for the national title. But the BCS is bound and determine to place a puppy in the way of Ohio State's truck.

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