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We didn't catch this game, but we did catch the score while watching the Texas Tech Missouri game.

The Hawgs led by as much as 25 points in the game and then held on against a Bama surge to win the game.

And this was at Tuscaloosa. Not an easy task to go to a 12th ranked hoops team and beat them. Not having the season Arkansas is having anyway.

The difference in the game was beyond the arc. The Tide shot 1 for 14, or seven percent. As we write, we didn't see the game but we suspect that either the Hawgs' guards kept outside shooting down or Bama was letting go of desperation shots in order to get even, which they almost did.

Another possible factor was that forward Alonzo Gee and guard Ronald Steele, two of Alabama's stars together totalled four points for the game. Both played 30 minutes at least, but we suspect the Hawgs shut them down. This would be very worrying we were the Tide coach that a second tier SEC team was able to do that with your two star players.

This is the second loss in a row for Bama, after losing at Auburn earlier in the week. This game puts the Tide a 15-5 overall 2-4 in conference play. Without really predicting, we suspect Bama may well wind up not in first place this year.

With this win the Hawgs are in first place in the SEC west division. Arkansas' play has been mixed. They defeated a ranked LSU at home but they lost to South Carolina.

Next week, Alabama goes to LSU, while the Hawgs host Kentucky.

We will keep a little clsoer eye on Alabama, because we frankyl epected them to do very well, but they haven't yet. Not with four losses in conference play.

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