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The Washington Post peered into the mirror Friday and shouted to the image: “The wedding's off!”

This rather interesting editorial that appeared in the Washington Post May 27th complained about a statement made by Irene Khan, the complainer-in-chief at Amnesty International, which compared American intel practices to the GULag, a term for the camp administration in the Soviet Union started by the NKVD, forerunner of the KGB.

As a former member of Amnesty International and a person who has watched that organization morph from a human rights organization to an unashamed leftist group, I help let the beast in, and now 20 plus years later I get to tell the truth about it.

That Khan could make such a statement should come as no shock.

The Soviet Union was singularly efficient at control through intimidation and murder. The NKVD was brought about by Felix Dzherzinski in the 20s. It is quite likely he used former members of the Tsar's secret police. the CHEKA. In fact, writings from the period make mention of the “Chekists.”

People such as Khan has a direct stake in overstating things and in outright lying. It works for them politically. If they can keep up this cacaphony of lies they can easily make it look as if the GULa system wasn't really so bad. After all, in truth, the worst abuses or prisoners by US personnel turned out not to be abuses in any meaningful sense of the word.. If folks like Khan can maintain the concept that 'abuses' in Guantanamo were similar in severity to the holocaust in the USSR, any further reference to the GULag can be subsequently dismissed as a minor event in history. The left can kill the idea, effectively rewriting history.

Bear in mind also that the Washington Post was amongst the loudest to complain when Abu Ghraib took place, with large amounts of ink expended to politically hurt the president, regardless of the effect in the field with regard to our military, or how badly it hurt our efforts in the Global War on Terrorism.

Now that the Washington Post has taken AI to the woodshed, it's funny to watch.

Look into the mirror, WaPo. Chances are the image won;t make a very good partner. I discovered that years ago.

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