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If you look at the list and count, you will see as of Feb, 2007, the Southeastern Conference has seven of the top ten recruiting classes.

Florida, Tennessee LSU, South Carolina,Auburn, Georgia and Alabama are all in the top ten of schools in recruiting according to Rivals.com. The closest conference with schools in top 25, none in the top ten is the ACC, with North Carolina, Miami-Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Virginia.

There may come a time, such as in the SEC West in mens hoops, that the SEC is so powerful they can't but beat each other out of a BCS bid. It hasn't hapened in football, but it could.

Florida is going to be very strong this year with its top recruiting class even though many of these players will be reshirted. It is interesting to note that Florida signed four defensive tackles and 13 defensive players over all. The Gators should be strong on defense in a couple of years.

And yes, we know, they were nothing to sneeze at on defense in 2006.

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