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This is probably the most laconically absurd headline I have ever seen. Scrambling to Prevent War.

The war is a done deal, the only question is the outcome.

What I have seen about the Transcacusus Front, these are not line units being sent into Georgia, most likely Category II or less ready Russian ground units. Motorized equipment includes BMP1s, T-72BM1s, T-80UMs, 2S3s. The Russian Fido-net board doesn't have a lot of information although I did read that Russia already had ( what I think was ) a brigade sized element on summer maneuvers near the border.

Why I don't think this is naked, planned Russian aggression is primarily because these are not line units going into combat.

As far as force correlations are concerned, obviously, Russia has a huge advantage due to its size, but remember, the forces in the Russian 58th Army were there already with the Category I forces in Checnya. My guess would put the total possible combatants within 30 days available for combat from the whole of the Transcacusus Front at 300,000 max fully mobilized. I doubt if the Russian will have any more than 30,000 men, the great builk of them fillers, for this operation.

Expect Russian casualties to be high. Wearing garrison caps and do-rags in combat in sniper country will do that.

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