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When asked about whether his budget would increase the deficit, Obama shifted blame masterfully. It was like watching Mozart not only compose a symphony, but play all of the instruments himself. While conducting. There are those who claim that the president is overexposed, but I cannot get enough of that rich velvety voice. It's like being washed with pinot grigio. French pinot, of course. Only a monstrous, embarrassing hick from a backwater state such as Alaska would go with something from Napa, or worse, Australia.

Someone at Ace said Peg's got a gift.

Gift, mental illness; They're liberals. Whats the difference?

And the country's problems? The only element in this country with a problem is the federal government and it's white hot credit card and its insane idea that government institutions are creatures of markets.

Asking whether an Obamantion federal budget will increase the federal deficit is like asking whether liberals pissing on America will make people wet.

Now if you'll excuse me,I'm gonna go find some Napa pinot grigio.

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