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Oklahoma University enters its second week against an erstwhile weaker opponent, University of Tulsa. The game will be played in Norman.

What makes this game special is that it is against an opponent of a slightly less caliber than TCU, who unexpectedly defeated OU last week, and Coach Bob Stoops will start his other quarterback, Rhett Bomar, after a poor showing by Paul Thompson against TCU.

While some of the sports talk was that it was the play calling that beat OU, we think the reason for this defeat is much simpler: the OU coaching staff sent an unprepared quarterback and offensive line into a critical home opener. At this moment we have little clue as to how a fundamental coaching error could have taken place, since it is our view Bob Stoops doesn't make coaching mistakes. And when you factor in that Stoops is in his fifth year at OU and this team is all his recruits, you have to ponder just how bad this recruiting class is..

At this point in time we also have little clue into the basic question: If Thompson wasn't prepared for the game, will Bomar be any better? That will be answered in a few hours from now.

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