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The best friend a WWII Soviet rifle company ever had. The Maxim M1910 7.62mm medium machine gun.

In Combat Mission games, at least the era we prefer to play, this is the crew served small arm of choice during daylight encounters.

The Maxim was developed before WWI and was still in widespread use in the Red Army by the end of WWII. The weapon was reliable in all conditions and virtually impossible to breakdown. This wonder of pre-WWI technology fired the7.62x54mm rimmed cartridge, the same as the Mosin-Nagant M18/91 rifle You can see pics of the Maxim here.

You can also see a replica of the weapon firing in the film “Enemy at the Gates.” in the scene where the commissars gun down a platoon of poorly armed Soviet soldiers in retreat, our guess would be a penal unit. If you believe Combat Mission's modeling of the weapon, it had a six man crew, presumably a spotter, a shooter, a feeder, a commander, and likely two porters/ordnance men to maintain it during and after firing. The Maxim was water cooled.

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