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Posted by: badanov

I have as a military gamer played the bad guys my whole life. I understand TO&E and tactics of modern Russians and modern Chinese armies from playing those simulations.

How banning a game in US post exchanges advances military goals is clearly beyond my limited ability to understand.

Obviously, the decision was made to prevent men and boys such as myself from killing US troops inside a wargame as an enemy combatant, and that is a good thing because because Gawd knows, that's what the bad guys would do.

A local golden throat posed the question (paraphrasing), "I have seen the name of several Oklahomans killed in Afghanistan this week. How does this game help that?"

If the Taliban used the video game Medal of Honor to kill those Oklahomans, he would have a point.

But counter-posing a question: How does violating our principles of free speech advance our goals anywhere, especially Afghanistan?

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