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Women are not to be hazed because they are women.

That's the totality of the reaction of the official NFL, teams and some male sports reporters in reaction to the Jet's reaction to a buxom "sports reporter" who wandered in to the Jet's locker room searching for a story.

Instead of a story, we got an agenda.

That is a reflection of the current culture in which a woman portrayed in film striking a man with violence is considered uproariously funny, but the obverse is to be condemned.

That is also reflective of a culture which portrays slinky girls in bikinis trying to sell product supporting NFL football, yet acknowledgement of the basic difference between the genders is now considered to be clownish behavior.

Let's deal with the number one issue feminists such as Dan Wetzel refuses to deal with:

Respect is earned. It can't be bought or sold, and you can't force it down anyone's throat by threatening their economic well-being. If you do threaten their economic well-being, what you wind up with is the WNBA.

You can make them say they respect women, or you can threaten them into silence, but you will not provide respect for them because, as all competitive athletes understand, respect is earned.

Think about what the female reporter in the Jet's locker room ten years down the road will say about the incident:

"Oh yeah, they respected me because the league threatened to fine them if they didn't."

Helluva legacy, and no matter how many times you repeat that, most people will see through it as the agenda that is being perpetrated now. The irony is that that agenda won't be caught until hundreds of millions of dollars have been drained from NFL sports entities.

Of all constituent political groups feminists are the most tone deaf politically and socially of all.

That is why the WNBA is nothing but a cash sinkhole. Very few people attend women's pro basketball games, or even watch the games on TV, and no NBA team is cleaning up supporting women's pro basketball for two very good reasons:

1) Feminists hate sports and competition. But they really hate male sports and competition. And they think using various forms of economic sanctions will earn them their agenda. It won't and they know it, but the only thing that matters to them is the money.

2) Women's athletics are widely considered by nearly every sport enthusiast as exciting as watching paint dry.

And with feminists neither of those are really the points. The point is to drain as much cash on the absurd premise that woman can perform as well as men in all aspects of sports, reality and markets be damned.

It looks like now that the NFL is setting itself up for feminization, much the same way the NBA has already, and sports reporters such as Dan Wetzel will be cheering it on.

My only consolation is that sports reporters such as Wetzel will be forced to cover women's football.

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