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Posted by: badanov

Pretty amazing results from the Athlon Sports website.

Not many surprises but one really big one: Iowa ranked a number three.

The Big Ten last year was very weak even with four teams in the ESPN Top 25 in 2004 with only Ohio State and Iowa posting wins in bowl games.

I have yet to go over the Big Ten ( Heck, I can't really finish the SEC until I see more information on Tennessee and Arkansas from their spring drills ) to evaluate where the Big Ten stands in this particular poll. Iowa's win was against a very strong LSU team, and my surprise is probably unwarranted. Still, they have to get passed Michigan (a real chore ) and Ohio State this year.

In the poll, I think LSU, ranked 9h will be weaker, and Alabama, ranked 16th will be stronger based on the information I have from spring drills. All that is subject to change once August rolls around.

Oklahoma appears to be way overrated this year give that OU has a lost a lot of good players this rebuilding year..

USC will be a shining star again, with all 'round offensive player Reggie Bush and Matt Leinert coming back. Bob Stoops would love to have another crack at USC and I would too, except they must get past Texas, which won't be easy, again, given the rebuilding year OU is going through.

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