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Tennessee wasted two perfectly good weeks of practice and one hour of time it will never get back as the Florida Gators win over the Volunteers, 16-7.

The bar where we play music trivia was “changing over” to a new system and they figured Saturday during college football season was the time to do it, so we did not get the privilege of watching the game on TV. We were relegated to watching Florida State at Boston College.

What we did listen to over the radio was a defensive struggle between two great football teams. This game also gives Florida the bonifides it needs for a top five berth in the polls.

Tennessee out-rushed Florida 92 yards to 70 yards for Florida. Florida quarterback out-threw Tennessee 179 to 147, but there is a statistic that bodes ill for Florida, however.

Leak was sacked five times during the game, a factor which will become a huge problem the deeper the Gators get into the season. Neither quarterback threw an interception, so the pass rush failed to rattle Leak, however, but Leak will need to be protected better than this. Alabama LSU and Georgia are all upcoming opponents after Florida plays Kentucky next week, and those teams, especially Georgia will be gunning for Leak a lot harder now.

Next week Tennessee goes to LSU.

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