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The new AP and USA Today Coaches polls are out.

The top five are USC, Texas, LSU, Virginia Tech and Florida in both polls. Also, interesting is that Alabama had to win three to gain a 20th spot, while Notre Dame plunged to 18th, where we suspect Notre Dame is likely to remain this season.

Oklahoma, on the basis of its dismal performance against UCLA, 41-24 dropped from the Top 25 completely as did, Clemson, despite it triple overtime loss to Miami, which is currently in 12th in the AP after rising notch. We guess the country's sports writers aren't given losers much slack.

Michigan remain, unfairly in our view, in the 14th position despite its crushing East Michigan 55-0. We guess killing small colleges doesn't have quite the same appeal in week three that it did in week one.

Newcomers to the poll this week are Alabama, Wisconsin, UCLA, which is riding high with a strong passing offense along with Michigan State, and Vanderbilt. Alabama's defeat of South Carolina in such a strong defensive showing at Columbia, is a very good indicator of how 'Bama's season will go. Vanderbilt, and we didn't do the math to confirm it on this one, hasn't been 3-0 since the 1960.

Will UCLA be a problem for USC when they meet in the last game, Dec 3rd? We would have said yes at about 1700 Saturday, but after the USC defeat of Arkansas Saturday, we wonder if USC will ever lose a game again.

Speaking of USC, the AP reports that USC has broken Miami's record for being number one in the AP poll. USC is officially a dynasty.

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