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Posted by: badanov

NewsRealBlog has gone completely off the deep end with this Alex Knepper crap.

That dumbass David Swindle thinks he's doing gay folks a monumental favor by hounding Alex Knepper, when the only thing anyone who cares about this will see is a buncha conservatives hounding a gay guy.

Pro-gay my ass.

I have yet to see anyone in the gay community say: "Please, Mr. Swindle, hound this guy online coz he's a pedo, and we want to cull him from our community."

Ultimately its a f*cking personnel decision, for cripes sake! Airbrush the guy from your life and move on, but noooo. They gotta launch this insane campaign.

If Horowitz or Swindle gets sued into silence over this...

I don't know what I can do. I like Horowitz; I want to see him thrive, but not like this.

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