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Michigan came to play at Michigan State today and went home with a 34-31 win in overtime.

This is one game we would have said was straight up. Too much tradition exists between these two great schools to give more than a point or two to the other.

The high score shows that defense did not dominate this time, but Michigan's defense did managed to win the game in the trenches. The Spartan have been throwing bombs and running up a high score and let their defense hold the opposition to fewer points to win. It was inevitable with the changes Michigan has made in their defense, this would not work.

At least, not against Michigan...

The both teams' quarterbacks were evenly matched. Both quarterbacks threw for more than 260 yards each; each were sacked once and each threw an interception, and each ran for one touchdown. The Spartans' Drew Stanton did turn over the ball twice, one on a run and the interception.

Where Michigan pressed its advantage was in rushing. with 270 yards against Michigan State's 177 yards. Michigan running back Mike ran the lion's share of the running plays logging 222 yards on 36 carries, a 6.4 per attempt average. It is easy to say that Michigan State has a problem with the run, and Michigan only needed to hold Spartans to fewer points, as the Spartans have been doing to their opponents.

We believe Michigan State will go on to make a play for the Big Ten championship. The Spartans have the formula for going against the very best the Big 10 can offer. This game, however, was where breaks didn't quite go Michigan State's way.

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