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When we saw this news, it was pretty exciting to us. Why?

I have actually played against some of their play testers, and these are the same folks who took Steel Panthers and ported it over to Windows 9x in a series called Steel Panthers: World at War..

The agreement Matrix had with Strategic Simulations was they could not sell the newly ported game, but they could sell add-ons. And Matrix sold some very good add-ons to the game. We even bought the Desert Fox add on just to test the game on Linux and Wine (It worked but Wine doesn't work well with Direct X applications at all, and that means no multiplayer games ) The World at War was also the first Steel Panthers product, to feature Russian Naval Infantry.

The Campaign Series was originally published by the now defunct Talonsoft. The series included games for WWII eastern and western fronts as well as the Pacific and African wars. The wargame club I still am a member to, Frontline Wargame Club, was built around the Campaign Series. We started as an add-on to the Frontline, and has been going since December 2000.

John Tiller, who was once with Talonsoft and is the original developer of the Campaign Series, went on to publish a number of operation level games under his own name. According to the news release, Tiller will assist Matrix in getting the games ported to XP and possibly to Windows Vista.

We have a number of issues with the Campaign Series, one of which is a strong desire to port the game to modern combat. We worked for a brief time in getting some information on minor NATO countries ported to a number of add on for a modern set, but the constraints of time forced us to abandon this quest, for the moment.

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