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Our latest addition to the Procyon Data server mix is a used Compaq Proliant 3000 server with 256 megs of RAM and a six drive RAID array with a grand total of 34 GIG. A white box builder we buy from offered the machine for $200, and we could not pass that up..

But 24 hours after installing FreeBSD, the bloom is off the rose. One of the two processors are down, and as old as this system is the only thing we could feel comfortable doing was allowing it to serve as a temporary database server, until we could re-task our RedHat Linux 7.3 database server into a FreeBSD database server.

The re-install is done and that was the last Linux machine we had.

We loved Linux. It was a great learning experience, but a number of changes in the RedHat distribution frankly turned us off of upgrading. RedHat was great but FreeBSD is a better choice for the product/service mix we now and will continue to offer.

We will keep the Proliant as an emergency machine if one of the three critical servers we have dies, or as a demo machine for SMB server deployments. Our bet is that the newer Proliants are much lighter than this mug, at around 250 pounds, and with a lot more data storage space and RAM. The HP Proliant is a machine we will likely offer for our SMB server line to top end customers.

We make that pronouncement because HP is currently the only mainstream computer maker to make AMD64 machines that will work with FreeBSD out of the box, as well as Proliants with the 32 bit Intel Xeon processor.

We still offer SMB on existing/older i386 machines or on more expensive custom built white i386 boxes.

For more information please go to the Procyon Data website and mail us.

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