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Posted by: badanov

We like Florida in this game for several reasons.

The first is that this is a home game for the Gators.

The second and more compelling reason is statistically, Florida State is a disaster in passing. Quarterback Drew Weatherford has thrown a total of 15 interceptions this year. Weatherford is a 59 percent passer, but he has to go against a fair Gator passing defense which has caught 13 interceptions this year, and those were strung amongst many of their defense, the secondary as well as linebackers. That shows a passing defense with depth.

Florida is not without their problems. Starting with the Tennessee game, the Gators have been suffering with injuries to the offensive line. That line has allowed 28 sacks ( that's 2.8 sacks per game ) so far this season, but despite that, Florida quarterback Chris Leak has been a steady element in the Florida offense, throwing five interceptions this year.

By the way, Leak is a 62 percent passer. Leak isn't a scrambler in the mold of Georgia's D.J. Shockley, and has only 30 yards, but he has been better than Weatherford who has -6 yards to date.

We believe this game will be low scoring with the quarterbacks taking catch-up roles if called upon to do so. Both teams are very good on the run, as they are in defending the run. Florida State has a slight edge on the ground and could well take advantage of it. The Florida offensive line is hurting, and may be more focused on the pass rush than pushing a rushing attack. The difference could be how well the Gators run traps on an aggressive linebacker unit, to help spring their runners..

We listened to Yahoo! Sports analyst Terry Bowden this morning talk about the game. He seems to like Florida, as do many others we have spoken/chatted with.

But it would be just like Bobby Bowden to wrap up an average season by taking Florida down at Gainesville, confounding us 'experts.'

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