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When I did my duty as father of the bride last March, my daughter and her husband were kind enough to let me stay at their home.

The SIL had a nice gaming rig, a huge television set and a PS3, and he has Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2. Tremendous game, great graphics. It was Doom II with realistic weapons. But being a 56 year old man nearing ever closer to his dotage, I could only play the game in baby mode.

There was one scenario at the end of the campaign, where a special operations guy is stuck between two criminal elements in a shootout with only a M-14EBR with a scope and suppressor in an aircraft boneyard in Afghanistan. This is the one that impressed me the most. Unlike others where the player just hoofs it for his extraction point, I just sit back and pot everyone I can, changing positions only to get a better shot, before heading to the extraction point.

Tons o' fun.

I can't justify buying a $350.00 gaming rig and a $60.00 game. I did, however, have a $10 bargain bin copy of Rainbow Six: Raven Shield I hardly played. Not quite as fancy as COD with all its great weapons, it was sufficient.

My writing tasks have overtaken almost all of my gaming stuff. I hardly have time now to do wargaming but Raven Shield I manage to find time to do.

I have found the best team mix for nearly every map is as follows: One team, two armed with H&K MP-5SD5 submachine gun with integral supressor and a miniscope, two with a H&K G36K assault rifle with an integral red dot scope and a suppressor, two sniper elements each armed with an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare 7.62x51mm sniper rifle with a scope and thermal sights. All team members have a .40 caliber H&K USP pistol with a suppressor, and three fragmentary grenades.

What good can a sniper with thermal sights do for a counterterror operations?


In Ravenshield, plenty of opportunities present themselves with bad guys exposing some part of their person to a single killing shot. Plus snipers are very good at covering uncovered fields of fire as the main team advances, and they are good at clearing their own positions of bad guys.

Now I know with the entry it looks like I am not paying attention to recent events with irresponsible citizens using firearms against unarmed citizens, that this may only add to the climate of fear rhetoric, or something.

But if I paid attention to the insanity in Arizona, I could miss a bad guy.

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