Stop the Presses: US Trains Foreign Military subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

Welcome to the twilight zone, where non-news get splattered all over the front pages of Latin American newspapers, and gets treated as a revelation.

This "news" is reminiscent of the scandal leftists tried to generate over the US training of Latin American security forces in to 1970s and 1980s.

"yes we trained foreign military, and yes we still do; and yes sometimes they go bad, or the training is misused.

So behold the joy of discovery of the transnational left as they "unveil" "news" that the US trains foreign military who then go off on their own to make an illegal buck or two.

Am I the only one in the planet who sees the Wikileaks venture as a total flop? What has been published so far is news so banal, so unnewsworthy, you have to wonder where the collective head sof the Wikileak's staff has been, other than in its collective ass.

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