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It appear that we will be focusing on Barbarossa. We found a site that provides the OOBs for both sides on June 22 1941. We have only done the Allied side so far and only down to the front level, not very deep. We desperately need help.

Now these are just ruminations. Once we get the Operations logs deployed, we will desperately even more than before need two opposing over commanders, men who will project play/project the role of Shaposnikov and von Branswisch(sp), chiefs of staff of the opposing forces.

The operations deal is meant as a staging 'area' for force selections which will do the actual fighting ( game playing) Neither one need even know how to play East Front II, but they will both need to act and issue orders like commanders in the field. But we still need help in 'gluing' it all together.

There will be an air element to this campaign. We have been developing what we call the "Weathernator" which will affect operations in that the day a commander issues a battle order to a game player, the weather for for day stands, be it raining, sunshine, snowing or anything else.

How will be develop EFII games for this campaign? Since we are the gamemaster it makes the most sense we do that very thing. ( help would be nice, though ) And we can do it in one of two ways. In those battles in which both sides believe must be fought out on the silicon battlefield, we will basically receive a list of forces involved from each commanders, their approximate time of arrival and the weather for aircraft, throw the forces on the board and let them go at it. The alternative will be a random game, pot luck as it were ( again, help would be nice, though ).

Yes, it is a lot, but the great lion's share will be done via database and backend scripting. Please, take a look at the Allied Operations link on the club main page at We think it is a great addition and to refine it, we need people to participate in this, to help test it. We can't possibly find all the bugs alone..

Here is how we see the campaign starting, once we are ready:

Week one, terrible: The Soviet commander can elect to battle out everything, but every battle is guaranteed to be a loser, and as it is by the time July 1st in game time rolls around, nearly 750,000 soldiers and something like 3,000 tanks will be destroyed by the OKH. Week one will be a wash for the Soviet side.

Week two is where things get interesting. Something like 35 Soviet armies are raised in the month of July and sent in to battle. This is where we can expect nice tactical victories for the Soviets, but operational failures by them as well. But nothing is set. A brave and determined Soviet tactical commander can easily turn the tide of the war or at least an operation in that month.

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