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We watched all but the last five minutes of the Duke-Texas game, until we were certain Texas would not be able to reverse things.

Is Duke that good, or does Texas suck that badly?

Duke is that good. Duke guard J.J. Redick had a record setting say with 41 points including 9 three pointers. Sheldon Williams added 23 points.

Was this a display of basketball power against a team with an undeserved ranking?

Looks like it, except for a number of things all of which can kill even giant killers like Duke such as turnovers and the basic ingredient for even staying in a game: making baskets.

Duke was red hot, shooting 90 percent free throws and 55 percent from the field.. Texas shot 45 percent from the field, but Texas also shot 25 percent in three pointers. Duke pounded Texas with unanswered three pointers

Another problem for Texas came up when Texas guard Brad Buckman went out in the first half, and forward P.J. Tucker played guard, it all went downhill. There was little chance of Texas recovering from their halftime deficit of 12 points, let alone the game ending 31 points.

Statistically, Duke outscored Texas in every category. There was little the Blue Devils could do wrong, but the biggest statistic for Texas was turnovers: Texas gave up 16 to Duke's seven.

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