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Posted by: badanov

We wouldn't give the time of day to a leftist blogger, but this post has us about ready to create a new category with an bowl of popcorn as its icon.

To wit:

It seems that Pajamas Media is influencing some of its more Euro-minded boardmembers for the better. I understand that no less than two of these quasi-Frenchman are emailing their critics with threats of utter ruination

We've ZERO idea who on the Pajamas Media Board is "Euro-minded".

We actually have a less than zero clue on what content an email would have eminating from any professional journalists who populate the PJM boards to a blogger that would mean "runination."

Are they going to convince a blogger's hosting company to accept cash only, up the price on space? Sic lawyers on some poor geek because he shot his/her mouth off about the Pajamas Media venture?

If either of our reader have guesses, that would help.

Mom, that doesn't include you.

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