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While the good folks at Yahoo! Sports are drooling over he Villanova Penn game, we believe that DePaul Wake Forest is a better bet for some good basketball, as in a tight game.

Wake is currently ranked 16th in the nation and is on a five game winning streak, all solid wins, the biggest coming against Wisconsin November 29th, 91-88.

In conference stats, Wake is fair to poor in nearly every category except for rebounds and rebound margin, 31 percent in defensive rebounds and +9 in rebound margins. The question is at this point, can Demon Deacons feast on rebound defense and let their defense make up for poor shooting from the field and the charity stripe?

Probably against DePaul they can. As poor as Wake Forest is from the field, DePaul is worse in nearly every category. But this will not be an easy game for Wake Forest by any measure.

According to Yahoo! Sports:

Though the young season is barely approaching January, this game has some late season tournament implications. All games that feature ACC and Big East teams playing each other will be strongly looked at by the NCAA tournament selection committee. This is not hype. This is true. At the end, those picking will look at each match up that pertains to these two conferences in direct head to head match-ups and in the cases when two teams face a variable equivalency, i.e. indirect wins and losses. This is the first nationally televised game for the Blue Demons and the third for Wake Forest (ESPN).

So, it appears that DePaul could make this a tight game; go all out before the Christmas break to stuff Wake Forest for a possible tournament bid later on. It could be fun.

Of course, it could also be that as we write this, pigs are taxiing and ready for take off.

The game begins at 9:00 PM EST.

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