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According to news reports, the Chinese have been selling military aircraft identified only as Shen Yang.

Our understanding was that the Shen Yang was a MiG-21 copy, but the photo in the article linked shows a MiG-23. What is fascinating about this piece of equipment ( the MiG-23) that the Russian version was its first attempt at a night/all weather fighter bomber. The MiG-23 and MiG-27 are essentially the same plane, except the MiG-27 is a dedicated fighter-bomber.

This MiG series are variable geometry fighters: fairly advanced birds.

If it is so in the news reports that the Sudanese Air Force has some of these units, the sale represent a severe problem for the region. This equipment can be used to kill remaining non-Muslims in Darfur, but its role can be extended to anti commercial ship missions as well.

The article states that Chinese oil companies now own 40 percent of Sudan's largest oil field in Sudan, and that clearly means that China expects to rely on Sudanese oil supplies for its blue water navy.

That means a stretched supply line; one which criscrosses other supply lines. The MiG could work in a role of coastal patrols to cover Chinese oil shipments in the even of a naval war.

The MiGs listed in this story are no match for any USAF or US Navy fighters, but those bombers could be used against commercial shipping, meaning oil shipments, that Europe depends on as well as the USA.

We are adding to our blog roll, because of the strategic implications of what the Chinese are doing, as well as the tragedy being played out in the Sudan as we write this.

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