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From Rodge's Place

...Norwegian socialists i.e. most of them, are Islam's accomplices, rabidly anti-semite and anti-American.

This kind of massacre happen EVERY WEEK in the muslim umma, check

Socialists of the Norwegian kind have all kind of excuses for the muslim atrocities.

High time they get a taste of their own was soon to be delivered by their good buddies the muslims anyway.

Tolerance of different people, or multiculturalism...nothing wrong with that, but actively supporting the spread of a culture of rape, torture, robbery, slavery and murder make you an accomplice.

Norwegians got nothing that they did not richly deserve.

I can guarantee you there is more of that coming, a lot are fed up with these "new age" hippie degenerate perverts.

Dunno who the person is who posted that.

All that begs the question, why then not go after Muslims within your country; why perform such a heinous act of murder on your own citizens?

Multiculturalism maintained by a leftist government has the answer:

Were the opponents of Muslim immigration, to call the issue what it is, to attack Muslims, they would gain automatic enmity from a large part of the Norweigian electorate, left and right; even those who do sympathize with those who oppose Muslim immigration.

But attack the government itself, you bring hard focus onto your enemy. You struck a direct blow against the government. Plus your bring fear, i.e. terror into the target of your hate.

Mission accomplished.

None of the above make what took place solid strategy, or even good public relations. But a government that is in hiding and striking back against its enemies will bring out those who do oppose the government and their resources. It will bring out a lot of sympathizers to an anti-government cause, and it could take Norweigian politics, both electoral and underground, into another direction entirely.

I have been watching leftwing governments both here and abroad playing minority politics, the mother's milk of multiculturalism, which,as I have stated repeatedly is a dangerous game, but from ballot box and from the ammunition box.

Governments playing minority politics may win the PR/press battle, but in the end the math will beat them every time.

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