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Posted by: badanov

No sooner than we posted the initial report on the Borisov game than 3 companies of German armor appear: two Panther Gs and one PzIVH, and in the Stakhov sector. We sent six tank T-34/85 platoons after one of the Panther companies and lost half of them to a counterattack by a second platoon of Panthers; but we killed seven Panthers, not a bad exchange..

We continue to build up forces in Stakhov, and we are trying to clear a river crossing 3 clicks southwest of Stakhov, so we can send one of the JSII tank regiments in after the reinforcing German armor at Stakhov.

In the middle, Brodna is about 60 percent owned by the Soviets, and in the south we own half of Zhodino.

The AI in East Front II isn't very bright, so we are thinking of shifting the advantage to the Germans by about 50 percent to make it more of a game. Yes, we are losing a lot, especially precious infantry, but we are also gaining yardage, and reinforcements are still pouring in and will apparently continue to pour in, for both sides, for the next five to 10 turns.

An historical German Panzer Korps at “book” strength usually could be counted upon to have at least three battalions of medium armor ( approx. 150 tanks ), about half Panther Gs, three companies of StuGIIIs, and a battalion of Tiger Is ( about 40 tanks including the PzIII escorts). Of those we would prefer to face the Tigers. They are far slower than the Panthers, so we can gang up on them easily. The trick is to draw the Tigers into terrain to spring an ambush. Easy for the AI, but a much tougher task against a real human opponent.

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