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What happened?

Statistically, the game was close and as even as can be. But the first quarter did kill the Dawgs with the three fumbles lost to West Virginia.

We have to admit, we were script programming for our company and only caught glimpses of the game after the first quarter. The first quarter was painful enough. Couldn't bear not to enjoy a football game and lose productive time.

Our view is that without the mistakes Georgia committed in the first quarter, West Virginia would never have won this game; they would never have even been in the game. They may had been able to rack up all those rushing yards, but they would never have won the game.

Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley had a great game passing for 277 yards and three touchdown and rushing for 71 more. Shockley was the second leading runner for Georgia in the game.

A word about West Virginia quarterback Pat White:

What an incredible talent.

Young, tough, and very very quick. This man will tear up the Big East over the next three years and will break some hearts throughout the country on the gridiron. If the Mountaineers can maintain a nice offensive line for this quarterback, we can expect WV to be in the top 20 if not the top 10 next year.

We just hope if White crosses the path of the Dawgs again, they won't spot West Virginia 21 points again.

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