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I'd like to interrupt my advocacy of the violent overthrow of the North Korean government to thank the Korea Central News Agency, North Korea's official "news" service, for being so much more transparent than the Associated Press has been about the new relationship between the two agencies.

For the last few weeks, I've made a personal jihad of obtaining photographic proof that the joint photo exhibit by the AP and KCNA, which opened this week in New York, is not (as the AP justifies it) a window into everyday life in North Korea, but is instead (as the AP can't quite manage to deny) a case of an ostensibly objective news service, one that touts itself as a fearless speaker of truth to power, prostituting itself to North Korea's propaganda machine in exchange for preferential access to even more propaganda.

It does so by co-sponsoring a photo exhibit commemorating the life of dead North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, an exhibit that North Korea is justifiably touting as a propaganda triumph commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the elder Kim's birth.

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