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Posted by: badanov

We are one third the way through the game now. Here is what we know so far:

The panzer battalion spotted at Stakhov has been partially destroyed. All the AI's Pather Gs are scrap metal We know there are at least one, possibly two, PZIVHs companies the AI is holding in reserve, presumably to deal with our advance.

But because there are no more objectives to take in the Stakhov sector we are just trying to build up the bridgehead and fortify it against a counterattack.

In the center a small German rifle command clings on to the far western suburbs of Brodna as we continue to bring in reinforcements. We are planning here also not to advance infantry and further for reasons which will be explained later.

About 5 km west of Brodna, we have a tank brigade scattered acorss the map, set up, as we stated earlier with the task of monitoring German reinforcements and getting the countering forces in the right place and time. So far, the plan has panned out. There is a river crossing about 4 km west of Brodna across which the AI tried to send a panzer battalion, 12 Panther Gs and 24 PzIVhs. Here again, we have wrecked the better part of the battalion and are still holding the river crossing.

However, on playback, something has come up. We suspect part of the German reinforcements are crossing across a major river about 12 km northwest of Brodna. The route is just a railroad across a swampy river, and an engineer unit could easily take out the bridge, thereby holding up any more wheeled or tracked units for the duration of the game.

The question here is: do we want to risk a large attack so early in the game when we know for a fact that more German reinforcements are arriving?

Like Brodna in the center, in the southern town of Zhodino, the Germans cling to the western suburbs. This part of the battle has been costly for us, enough so we have to give pause where we really want to extend our lines to advance much further west. We have two regiments of ISII tanks and two regiments of T-34/85s on a road march and scheduled to arrive in three more turns. They will pack a heavy punch to push our lines further to the west, if we choose to do so.

This game is a lot of fun. However, if anyone wants to help, maybe even write about this, indicate in the users comments.

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