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The story here is just basic good defense on Kansas' part.

Kentucky shot 24.2 percent from the field. That bears repeating

24.2 percent.

Kentucky shot so poorly, 15-62 from the field no player out of their squad shot double digits. From three point range, the news was even worse, 12 percent, 3-25.

Earlier in the season, Kentucky hosted Indian and was blown out 79-53, only to come back the next game to defeat Louisville 73-61. Even earlier Kentucky split two games against ranked teams, and before the Kansas game was ranked at 19th.

Kentucky is a fair to poor team, mediocre in the defense, except in blocked shots and steals where they are dead last in the SEC and weak on the offense.

Kentucky is last in the SEC in field goals at 44.4 percent.

Kansas is an unremarkable team in every category, except in blocked shots where they are 1st the the Big 12 at 6 blocked shots per game, and in field goal defense, where they are first at 32 points per game.

Kansas now at 9-4 travels to Colorado (10-1) next Wednesday, who will be playing 15th ranked Texas (11-2) this afternoon. Kentucky at 10-4 hosts 9-2 Vanderbilt next Tuesday.

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