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The Germans have hit at Brodna

We reported earlier that a PzIVh and Panther G company had crossed the river, and those forces were destroyed.

However, last turn, a mech infantry battalion deployed and cut off one of our T-34/85 platoons on the far side of the river. We didn't mention it at the time but it appeared this was going to be the point of counterattack for the German 39th Panzer Korps.

But last turn it got hairy: Two Tiger I companies, part of the korps kommander's personal guard, crossed the river where the rifle unit did and also at point about two km northeast. We did engage the Tigers I, killed about five and then started tp pull back towards Brodna. Currently we have three T-34 battalions, the lion's share of a tank brigade, forward about four km northwest by the river crossing.

Earlier, we had hoped to gather this force for a push to drop the railroad bridge we suspected was a choke point to German reinforcements in the area, but subsequent events seem to indicate, reinforcements are not entering thorough that sector.

We do know that about 8 km southwest of Brodna, the AI is using a hard ball road for motorized and mechanized infantry reinforcements, so a force is being massed about three km south of Brodna to attack in the direction of the road.

And now a word about German infantry:

We would rather eat roast cat out of a car hubcap after crossing a muddy river full of dead carp than to fight against German infantry. Kill us with Panthers, roll over us with Tiger Is or even super Tigers, but please, whatever you do and in the name of all things decent and holy, do not attack with German infantry.

That is why this new operation to control this highway the Germans are using for reinforcements is critical at this point. In East Front II it is a lot easier to kill German infantry being transported than to engage in a stand up fight with them.

In the pic, that black line running north to south is a railroad and the river it is crossing, is where the German main attack is taking place.

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