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Best light artillery in WWII was the Russian 76.2L39 field gun.

Every Russian rifle division and brigade had at least a dozen of these jewels for their primary indirect fire support.

What was its strength? This gun had a range of almost 8 miles. It could easily greet advancing German GHQ units with a taste of what their front line charge were getting.

One of the main reasons why Russian rifle brigades, themselves GHQ units, were so powerful was the regiment of 76.2mm guns ( 20 tubes) that was part of these organizations. The first Shock Armies, developed by the Russian general command used rifle brigades and their powerful fire support to wear down German infantry units in combat. With engineer and additional heavier fire support from 122mm and 152mm howitzers, Shock Armies proved to be the bulwark to the German advance during the winter of 1941-42 in the Northwestern Front.

What is the best use of this field piece?

Way back. In East Front II, if you are in the advance, you can move these units as close as 2 km to your forward line, and as long as there is no chance of armor probes in the area, those units could deploy and provide fire support for the rest of the game without moving.

Remember: the Soviets used carts and horse to move all of these divisional/brigade artillery. If your German opponent finds yous artillery park, if takes two turns to move the pieces just 500 yards.

When deploying, deploy around an anti-tank unit, preferably ATR guys, dug in. The Soviets like to place their battalions in a triangle and disperse those units to guard against counterbattery fire.

If you spot a German HQ unit, pound it with the 76.2mm. Leave the 122mm for direct support. That is what those guns were there for. The 76.2mm with its huge reach has the capability of much larger pieces. It can be reliably used to provide map fire and smoke cover for maneuver.

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