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Posted by: badanov

Just completed registering the copyright to "The Sunday War" this evening.

This newest story is set in WWII in Russia, but traces the lives of two families, German and Russian starting in 1933, ending in December, 1941 near Moscow.

This manuscript was actually completed even farther back than "Newtonville, if I recall correctly, in 1992, or so.

Assuming my new cover art is ready by then, "The Sunday War" will be available at Smashwords.com and their affiliates as well as Amazon.com no later than November 12th.

As with "Newtonville" the cover art will be done by Matt Mernin, my son in law, but unlike "Newtonville", I do not plan to market this novel very much.

Before I forget, my third novel will be ready by next summer. I have already started writing.

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