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A number of critical games this coming Saturday in the big majors which we will be writing about in a day or two.

In the interim, however, there are these:

Florida at South Carolina
South Carolina rest in the SEC East toilet at the moment and with 17-1 Florida coming off a loss at Kentucky, the Gamecocks will be looking for an upset. South Carolina has its work cut out for it, however. The Gators are in the top four in the SEC overall statis in nearly every category. South Carolina, despite its 1-4 start is not a bad team. All of their last four SEC losses were by four points or less. The Gamecocks ate currently 10-8 overall. We expect a close game. This game won't mean much for Florida if the Gators win, but if USC wins, the SEC east will tighten up a little.

Indiana at Iowa
Indiana is currently first in the Big 10, after huge wins against Illinois and Ohio State. Iowa, at a respectable 14-5 (3-2 Big 10 ) can play spoiler in this game, knock the Hoosiers down three notches and raise it self a notch or two. Several games also in the Big Ten will likely create a new ladder by Thursday night: Michigan-Michgan State, Wisconsin at Penn State. By Thursday, we could well be looking at a five way tie for second place.

West Virginia at Marshal
Half the Big East is in the AP Top 25, and half this league is expected to get bids to the NCAA. A win in this game for West Virginia keeps the Mountaineers in first place. First ranked Uconn goes to St Johns Wednesday, and a loss there could make things interesting. A West Virginia loss and a Uconn win will make the Huskies and Mountaineers tied for first in the Big East.

Nebraska at Colorado
A win for the Cornhuskers will send Nebraska to second place in the Big12

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