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So, it's halftime at Borisov and some developments to report.

The AI is massing for combined arms attack in three places: Ostrov, and two places at Brodnya stream about two miles north of Brodnya. All three points of attack have at least one fresh panzer company, Panthers mainly, and all have some sort of infantry presence.

Ostrov is a tiny village about five miles west by northwest of Zhodino. There are at least two medium German panzer companies and one heavy company, Tiger Is. We have reinforced the area with about a short brigade worth of medium armor and we have been redirecting fast rifles to Ostrov as quickly as we can get them there. We already have a 57mm AT gun battery and two companies of infantry already in the town, digging in.

The AI is sending a rifle battalion into the fray at Ostrov, and at the moment the only thing we have to counter are desant submachine gunners and some engineers along for the ride.

The main problem is fire support. Ostrov is well outside most of the fire support available, except for ( of course ) a couple of batteries of 76.2mm field guns. So in order to support the defense of Ostrov we must displace artillery and heavy mortars so they can support our defense. This is a dangerous time to do it with our infantry about to undergo attack in three places. Fire support won't be ready for at least three or four more turns

Ostrov already has the fire support of four 82mm batteries, but we need the big tubes, the 122mm and the 152mm guns in order to repel the Germans infantry maneuvers.

(Probably should have thought about that as we were sending armor into the area )

During WWII, this was a problem for both sides, and probably gave planners and logisticians fits to have ammunition and support elements for fire support as forces advanced, and to have them there in time to successfully engage whatever the enemy throws at them.

And we got bit by the same bug, outrunning our own fire support.

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